Since 1980, Charles has created over 200 different kaleidoscope designs, amounting to over 10,000 hand-built pieces.
This space will feature pictures and links to information about some of these.
The "Karascope"
A signature edition of six
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Below are pictures of the "Classic" Series
Classic #4
Classic #5
Classic #1
Classic #3
Classic #2
Classic #11
Classic #6
Classic #8
Classic #9
Classic #10
Classic #12
Classic #13
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Mandala White
Mandala Black
Spiral Cone
Classic Cone
"Sweeeet 16"
The Magnum Series will consist of editions of 5, with each individual edition having a similar exterior design, but in 5 different shapes.
Magnum A


Dancing Color
Color in Motion
Magnum B

Magnum C

Dichro White

Dichro lll
Dichro IV

Dichro ll
Magnum D


Conuscope IV
Conuscope II
Conuscope III
Magnum E


Spectral Waves
Southwest Spirit

Dichro Blue


K-pod Paperweight Series

Dichro K-pod

Kpod Parlor (mini)

K-pod 2
Edition #1

Edition #2

Edition #4

Ambient Black
Ambient Spirit


Kaleido 66

Golden Parlor
A hybrid blown glass edition
Dichro V
3D printed kaleidoscopes
Kpod Parlor 2 (mini)
Motley Spirit
Edition #3
edition of 10

#2 - #5
3D #1

With a cone-shaped, slumped glass body, Luminosity is special in its own way. The exterior glass is very textured and somewhat translucent and has been treated, producing a soft pastel gradient effect throughout the entire body of the scope. The dry object case is a combination of 2 different iridescent glasses with selected surfaces ground off to produce a soft, pastel cast over and behind portions of a crisp 9-point image. (2-mirror system). 10” tall
Classic Parlor
Dichro Galaxy II
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A stylish, fully slumped glass body, stands 14” tall and 12” long, and features an exquisite 10-point, 2-mirror image, with a lens built in the eyehole for improved viewing. Available in black, white, or red.
This parlor scope is very impressive both inside and out. The three-dimensional, slumped glass body features an embossed effect with a 6-point mandala running through the body of the cone-shaped scope. The images produced by the tapered two-mirror system produces breathtaking 15-point images. This scope is 14 inches tall and available in black or white.
Edition of 3

Mini Scopes
Half Crescent

The main feature, dichroic glass.
The body of "Dichro Mini" is slumped, patterned, dichroic glass, offering a shape that is very comfortable to hold. Dichroic glass is also the main ingredient of the dry object case. It has been specially treated and used as the background glass of the cell, enhancing and complementing the free moving glass pieces contained within, the majority of which are also hand selected and lampworked dichroic glass. "Dichro Mini" is 4” long and features a two-mirror, 8 point system producing incredibly intricate and literally “glowing” images.
Dichro Mini
A mini 4” scope with a slumped ripple emanating from the main central cone body, a perfect fit in the hand and fingers. The 2 mirror system creates a very intricate and precise 8 point image.
Mini Parlorscope

The exterior of this 4” glass kaleidoscope has offset, embossed half circles on either side of the slumped main cone making it very comfortable to hold. Similar to the Winged Mini Cone, the optics are produced by a two-mirror system and creates a very appealing and intricate 8 point image. This scope is available in a wide assortment of solid and patterned exterior colors.
Offset Mini

The World’s Largest Kaleidoscope™

From Catskill Corners’ very beginning, a use for each of its restored farm buildings was obvious, with one exception. The original silo, standing tall and empty, remained without seeming purpose until inspiration provided a vision. It would become the world’s largest kaleidoscope!

In time we contacted the Brewster Society, whose membership is comprised of the world’s foremost kaleidoscope craftspeople, collectors and dealers. The Society is named after Sir David Brewster who invented the kaleidoscope in 1816. Cozy Baker is the founder and president of the Brewster Society, which has the world’s largest collection of ‘scopes, both ancient and modern. She put us in touch with Charles Karadimos, one of the country’s most innovative kaleidoscope artists, and he was engaged to design the 38 foot tall optical heart of the kaleidoscope.

A worldwide search for the right material led to an unbreakable space-age product with 98% of the reflectivity of fine mirror glass. Thirty-six five- foot by ten-foot panels of this new material were joined to form our giant mirror tube, so large and heavy a temporary steel structure 40 feet high, 100 feet long, 60 feet wide and outfitted with six remote-controlled chain hoists was needed to join the three panels together.

Meanwhile, a process was created whereby video images could be provided by a projector suspended sixty feet in the air onto a specially constructed and lensed rear screen that would stretch over the mirror tube’s expansive opening.

And so it developed that the two ancient components of the traditional kaleidoscope, the mirrors and the object chamber, unchanged for centuries, were replaced in our revolutionary model by space-age technology. We had also transformed the kaleidoscope into a narrative device through which creative programming could be experienced -- in three dimensions, vivid color, and SurroundSound.

As the possibilities of this serendipitous extravaganza grew increasingly apparent, we replaced the old silo with a new, 65 foot high structure to accommodate more visitors per show. Our patent-pending kaleidoscope is sure to remain unrivaled in the Guinness Book of World Records for many years to come.

"Happy Colors Cozy"

This one-of a kind kaleidoscope was created as a tribute to Cozy Baker as part of the silent auction held at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society's convention in Covington Kentucky, May 12-15, 2011. Featured are numerous glass working techniques. The body is fused and slumped glass over a multi-dimensional form, representing the colorful fashions Cozy often wore. A tapered two-mirror system provides a large 9 point image. The dry object case contains lampworked, fused, and handcut glass, plus dry glass ampules. The scope stands 10” tall. A matching fused and slumped mask and pendant are part of this tribute to Cozy. Recipient of the People's Choice Award


Combining the features of the Brewster, Bush and Karadimos kaleidoscopes. A slumped glass body houses a tapered 2-mirror system producing perfect 10-point symmetry. The smooth turning, bearing-operated object cell contains 2 liquid-filled ampules, lampworked glass, and a screen, similar to that found in the Bush kaleidoscope, combined with dry-filled ampules, lampworked and dichroic glass, characteristic of many Karadimos scopes. This 10” handheld scope sits upon a walnut stand.

created for the Silent Auction
at the 2013 BKS Convention in Freeport, Maine

Golden Nugget

The exterior of the scope is multi-layered fused and slumped glass (gold metallic glass) standing 6” tall
A tapered 2 mirror system produces 10 point images.
The object case is treated with gold enamel fused to the cell producing a golden background for the lampworked objects.

created for the Silent Auction
at the 2014 BKS Convention in Sacramento, California


The body of this one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope is multi-colored and multi-layered fused and slumped glass.
A tapered 2 mirror system produces 9 point images from
the hand made fused, lampworked, and cut glass.
Stands 6” tall.

created for the 7th Annual Invitational Kaleidoscope Exhibit
at Reflections Kaleidoscope in Mendocino CA

Sir David “Warhol” Brewster

Inspired by the paintings of Andy Warhol, multiple images of Sir David Brewster decorate the exterior slumped glass cone. A tapered 2-mirror system produces 12 point images, with a red panel as the third side. The object cell contains 3 separate chambers, one including a portrait of Sir David, one containing glass beads, and the third filled with lampworked glass. 10“ tall

created for the Silent Auction
at the 2015 BKS Convention in Covington, Kentucky

”Beyond Infinity“

The exterior is fused multi-colored glass, surrounding the symbol for infinity, and then slumped into an appealing flask shape. Perfect 11 point images are produced by the tapered 2-mirror system. All the glass in the dry, free-moving object cell has been selected to create ”over an infinite“ number of very colorful images and is framed by “more infinity”.
10“ tall

created for the Silent Auction
at the 2016 BKS Convention in Rockville, Maryland

Paperweights, etc
In a kaleidoscope related area, Charles is now creating multilayer fused paperweights and glass sculptures. The same technique he used to produce the decorative mandalas on the "Karascope", "Mandala White", and "Mandala Black" is being applied to these beautiful pieces.
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Art-Topia: Qingdao China

In March 2005 Charles Karadimos was commissioned to design what will be one of the largest kaleidoscopes in the world in China. Traveling to the site in Qingdao, home for part of the 2008 Summer Olympics, he met with Larry Ziebarth, the main architect, the local architects, and the managers of the project, in order to best evaluate the project. A week of intense model building and discussions led up to an incredible start to the planned construction. As seen in the picture of the model, a 21 meter tall kaleidoscope will be housed in the 48 meter central tower. Work has now begun on the main complex, “Art Topia”, with an opening date set sometime in the near future.

Art-Topia is located along 1.3 kilometers of shoreline bordered by Qingdao’s largest swimming beach to the northeast and the new sculpture museum within the site’s southwest boundary. The development of this prime land is proposed as an “Art” themed leisure, recreation and entertainment park for the city of Qingdao. The theme for this concept is further enhanced by the site’s close proximity to the new Fine Art and Cultural Art Museum.

On the site of an old fishing village, a vibrant center for daytime and evening events including restaurants, entertainment, retail shopping, art galleries, working art studios, live performances, and overnight accommodations will be developed.

“Art-Topia Park” celebrates human creativity in the visual and performing arts. This is not in the form of a museum, rather it is an interactive entertainment complex which is always evolving based on the participation of its resident artists and club members and visiting guests. The theme is timeless and the subject matter is continually changing.