Dec 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Karadimos,
this letter is so long overdue, and I have composed it a thousand times in my head.

My name is William; I am the owner of Karascope white #2, which you were kind enough to let me pay for in monthly installments some years ago.

I have to tell you that I live for beauty. My “addiction” is to any aesthetic high I can find. I’m a college professor and I teach literature and aesthetics; I collect art (on my modest income) and lived in Paris, France for five years where I studied in the museums through the Sorbonne. I also had a collection of about 25 scopes (from most of the best artists) before acquiring yours. In short, this is just to let you know that I have some context for the appreciation of your kaleidoscope.

Now, surely words will fail me. The experience of gazing into your scope--for many sumptuous hours--is an aesthetic high that has absolutely no equal in my experience. It easily exceeds all the great master painters and artists I’ve studied, all the great works of decorative arts that I so admire--it is, unequivocally a transcendence, an apotheosis into pure, unending, stupefying BEAUTY. The images--each one an unimaginable quintessence of perfection, color, form--are infinite. I’ve learned to “play” the scope like an instrument, delicately “sliding” the cell to the accompaniment of music--all genres work! And I’ve learn to use a variety of light sources to further expand the capabilities of this stunning instrument.

You can see that I am gushing here. I could go on and on and on forever about the sublime experience of looking into your scope. There is not another scope in my collection that even comes close, and I have fairly abandoned them all for my monogamous relationship with the Karascope. Ironically, none of my other scopes are dry-cell--and I never would have believed that a dry-cell scope would be my life partner of choice. If I lose all my worldly possessions, the one item that I will hold onto against all intruders is the Karascope. As long as I can look into your scope, life will be worth living, will reveal its infinite surprises and beauty. Thanks for redeeming the human experience in such a profound and inimitable way.

Your artistry is without peer.

Many, many thanks.
William J.

Nov 1, 2013

I bought an "Ambiance" kaleidoscope from you last year, and I wanted to tell you how much of a pleasure it's been to look through it, and just hold it, for that matter. The images are, of course, mesmerizing - the pieces of black glass provide a great contrast that really sets the other colors off, and I appreciate very much your work in getting the image to be symmetrical and the mandala to be clean at the center. Just holding and working the 'scope, it feels like a quality, well-made piece of equipment made by someone who's not only competent, but cares and has pride in what he produces. I own some German-made tools that I've had for over 20 years and use constantly in my profession as a piano technician that give me much the same positive tactile feedback. That's a rarity these days and a, thank you for your efforts!

Paul F.

July 12, 2014

I just wanted to let you know that Ambiance arrived safely and is SPECTACULAR in every way. Gorgeous (to look at and to hold) exterior, glorious mandalas on the interior, and the soft chinking of the tumbled glass is as comforting as steady rain on a rooftop when one is warm, dry and content. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

Catherine B.

June 30, 2020

Good afternoon Mr. Karadimos,

I absolutely loved shooting the breeze with you again yesterday—our conversations are rather kaleidoscopic themselves, and subsequently, you make it easy to feel as though I’ve known you all my life. Perhaps because we think so similarly on many fronts, and our interests are parallel in many regards.

I’ve purchased seven scopes so far, and I have seven families I’m buying them as gifts for. The problem is. . .we want to keep them all ourselves! Ha! The Spirit of Rio (8/8-- “the last available Spirit of Rio”) was delivered yesterday, and I have to tell you, I generally lean more toward the cooler colors, but the Spirit of Rio is a stick of dynamite! It’s a festive and fiery explosion of heat, color, shape, texture, and design! The reds and yellows, the “clink,” the tumble, the breathtaking, sudden, and dramatic changes, and the incredibly complex and intricate designs thoroughly won me over! I love it! You make it exceedingly difficult for me to want to gift them to anyone at all! Charles, you, and your artistry are addicting! At this point, I’ve decided to refrain from setting a limit on purchasing. . .in the long run, as a buyer/collector, you may be stuck with me. Sorry. I have a hard time denying myself the things I fervently love!