The "Karascope"

A signature edition of six

The "Karascope," a true classical style kaleidoscope, represents 27 years of perfecting glassworking skills and kaleidoscope designing creativity and accomplishments. Beginning with the exterior of the scope, glass is fused into color bars, then cut into thin slices and arranged into the shape of a mandala. This mandala, along with multicolored frit, is fused to a large sheet of black glass. This sheet is then slumped over a multidimensional form, then carefully cut and ground, and assembled into a spectacular glass sculptural kaleidoscope body.

The exterior is only the beginning of a good kaleidoscope. It’s the interior workings that make an amazing kaleidoscope. After building over 10,000 scopes, perfecting the mirror arrangement has been a primary concern. The "Karascope" approaches true perfection. The 12-point, tapered two-mirror system is 16 inches long and creates nearly absolute perfect symmetry. Optically, a special lens is cut and placed in the eyehole to ease the viewing of the image.

Completing the experience of enjoying the "Karascope" is the interchangeability of the object case. A magnetic, bearing mounted system allows easy replacement and expansion with an unlimited number of possibilities. Each object case is filled with carefully selected lampworked glass, dry-filled ampules, fused and cut pieces, and beads, all glass that is manipulated to provide the most intricate, color balanced, and random images, superior to any kaleidoscope available.

The "Karascope" is completely hand built by Charles Karadimos. There are no machined parts except for the completely hidden bearing that is used to turn the object case. It is a kaleidoscope that was created with quality that will last lifetimes and be passed from generation to generation.

Karascope Black #1
Karascope Black #2
Karascope Black #3
Karascope White #1
Karascope White #2
Karascope White #3
NOTE: Here are movie files of some of the object case styles that are available for the "Karascope"






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