"Sweeeet 16" ... Sold out
“Sweeeet 16” is just what the name implies, “sweeeet.”
The exterior of this new kaleidoscope is completely slumped, from the raised and embossed decorative details on the top side, to the fully slumped feet on the underside. A tapered two-mirror system produces large and very engaging 16-point images. The object cell contains all glass that is either cut, lampworked, fused, fire-polished or any combination of those techniques, with the selection focusing on intricate randomness and an appealing color balance. The 9” long body displays horizontally.

“Sweeeet 16” is a limited edition of 16.
(4) sky blue, (4) red, (4) black, (4) white

The exterior color indicates a “personality” for the interior imagery.

In the immortal words of Jackie Gleason .... “How sweeeet it is?”
Does anybody remember Jackie Gleason?