3D #1
Unveiled in May 2017
at the
BKS Kaleidoscope Convention in Kyoto Japan

In February 2017, I built a 3D printer, and this is the first kaleidoscope I have designed and created with it. There are still some modifications and improvements I will be making before I will even think about making it available. Right now this is a new and exciting technology that requires further exploration, and applying this to my repertoire has opened up a whole new creative world.

Features include:
• A free turning bearing (printed in one piece)
• A threaded object case for easy changing of the glass pieces in the cell
• A tapered two mirror system producing perfect 9 point images
• Stands 10” tall

This prototype was printed in a biodegradeable plastic. The printing alone took 60 hours. That doesn't even count the time it took to create the individual files and the numerous attempts to fine tune all the parts. This was well over 100 hours.

Just so there is no confusion, glass will always be my primary medium.