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Ambient Spirit

Please Note:

This open edition is being discontinued.
There are a limited number remaining
and when they are gone, there will be no more.

Special Edition Kaleidoscopes

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K-pod Paperweight Series

Edition #3
edition of 10

Kpod Parlor 2 (mini)
edition of 10

edition of 3
The "Classic Series"
The “Classic Series” is an ongoing open edition of one of a kind kaleidoscopes which were first introduced in September 2002. The basic exterior design of all are somewhat similar. They are all large multidimensional slumped glass bodies standing about 17 inches tall, incorporating a 17 inch long tapered 2-mirror system. They all feature a 5 inch dry object case which is mounted on a precision bearing for very smooth operation. That is where the body similarities end.

Variations on body design include glass color (mostly black, white or red), embossing, fused design, and color trim inclusions.

The prime objective of all the “Classic Series” scopes is to produce incredible “classical” kaleidoscopic images with perfect geometric symmetry.

Classic #7
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See the rest of the Classic Edition in the archives

These have all been sold

Second place award at “Kaleidoscope Reflections : 20 Year Anniversary” at Strathmore Art Center, September 2005.
Controlled Kaos ... one of a kind
The exterior of this unique scope features two large side panels which are 1/2” thick slabs of randomly fused glass (representing the chaos). Slumped black glass conforms to these two side panels for the front and back sides.

A tapered two-mirror system runs through the body
producing beautiful 10-point images.

The dry object cell is bearing operated for smooth movement and contains lampworked, fused, and hand cut glass. Dry ampules filled with free moving glass beads are also included to provide subtle compound movement.
"Controlled Kaos" is 17” tall, 10” wide, and 6” deep.

"Controlled Kaos" was unveiled at the
Brewster Kaleidoscope Society's
20th convention
The picture above shows the glass setup prior to fusing the 1/2" thick slabs used for the side panels.
The final kaleidoscope weighs 14 pounds.